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Build your team’s accessibility expertise.
Role-based training for everyone, because getting digital accessibility right takes a team effort.

Training tailored to your team

Perkins Access offers training and coaching that’s tailored to your organization’s needs. What sets us apart is our focus on role-based training: providing the education that specific groups need at the relevant point in the process. Our customized approach meets you where you are in your accessibility journey, so we can build accessibility expertise into your organization for the long-term.

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Our Trainings

Accessibility 101

Your team will begin to understand the challenges people with disabilities face and how they overcome those challenges.

Inclusive Design for Web

We’ll provide your team with a basic understanding of the best ways to build accessibility into their designs.

Inclusive Design for Mobile

We’ll provide your team with the best practices for designing inclusive mobile apps that work for all users.

Accessible Coding & Development

Your developers will gain an in-depth understanding of the coding practices required to make digital experiences and web applications accessible to people with disabilities, particularly for users of assistive technology.

How to Test for Accessibility

Your team will learn a practical approach to testing websites and applications for accessibility, using a combination of automated and manual testing techniques.

Mobile App Accessibility

We’ll explain how current digital-accessibility recommendations and inclusive-design principles apply to mobile apps and provide best practices and techniques for designing accessible mobile apps.

Accessibility for Marketers

Learn how to create accessible content across all of your marketing channels. From your social media to your emails, ads, multimedia and SEO, this training provides accessibility best practices for all of your digital marketing efforts. With this training, you’ll ensure your marketing messages can reach everyone, including people with disabilities.

Custom CMS Accessibility

We take a custom approach that meets the needs of your CMS platform and your content creators. After reviewing all of the accessibility touchpoints in your process, we’ll create a custom training that can be incorporated into your current CMS training or standalone.

Creating Accessible Content

Anyone who is responsible for creating and publishing digital content will benefit from learning how to create content that’s accessible to people with disabilities.

Creating Accessible Multimedia

We’ll teach your team how to create accessible multimedia. They’ll learn about the different factors that impact accessibility and walk away with an understanding of  captions, transcripts, audio descriptions and media players.

Inclusive Language Skills

Your content creators and marketers will learn how to avoid using ableist language and start using inclusive language.

Writing Image Descriptions

Image descriptions are an essential part of digital accessibility. Getting image descriptions right takes expertise. We’ll guide your team through the appropriate guidelines and standards and equip them with the best practices they need to write meaningful and appropriate image descriptions.

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