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Fast Company agrees: There’s a really simple way to build websites that include everyone

By: Perkins Access


The recent Domino’s lawsuit launched digital accessibility into the national conversation — and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Because while these lawsuits indicate that companies are seeking clarity around what web accessibility should look like, the good news is that federal-government-accepted, Department-of-Justice-recommended, internationally recognized standards already exist.

But unless we keep talking about why this is a priority, the “Domino’s effect” will just keep going. People who need digital information won’t be able to access it — and companies will continue to get bad press.

This is an important topic, and one that we’re (obviously) passionate about. So when Fast Company asked us for our take on where things should go from here, Luiza Aguiar, our executive director, was happy to share her perspective.

Read more in her new article, There’s a really simple way to build websites that include everyone.

Perkins Access
Perkins Access
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