Digital accessibility lessons from the team behind the 2021 Presidential Inauguration and Campaign

Online access for all.

The 2021 presidential inauguration was the most accessible in US history, taking place entirely virtually amid the ongoing pandemic and setting a new precedent for inclusivity.

In partnership with Perkins Access, the Biden for President team and non-partisan Presidential Inaugural Committee sought to ensure people around the world — regardless of ability — could join in the celebration.

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You’ll learn about:

  • Inclusivity: How — and why — the inauguration was designed to reach everyone.
  • Examples: What steps were taken to ensure accessibility across all digital platforms.
  • Takeaways: Key lessons for improving your organization’s online accessibility.

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Who should watch?

  • Those responsible for creating digital experiences and content
  • Digital marketers, product managers, designers, UX professionals
  • Business leaders in any industry seeking to create digital experiences that are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability

Why is this important?

Accessibility improves digital experiences for everyone, regardless of ability. It’s also a key component to being inclusive, a top priority for businesses in 2021.

If you’re creating digital experiences and content, you should be building accessibility in from the start.

We’ll show you how with real, actionable examples throughout the course of the webinar.

  • Laila ElGohary.

    Laila ElGohary, Former Chief Technology Officer

    Laila is a technologist and strategist with over a decade of experience driving innovative and unconventional solutions in the political advocacy space. Most recently, she was the Chief Technology Officer at the first virtual inauguration in history, and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the Biden campaign. She also served as the Director of Technology and Operations in the Obama White House.
  • Taylor Snook.

    Taylor Snook, Senior Consultant, Perkins Access

    Taylor is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies who possesses deep expertise in content management systems, user-centered design and various programming languages. Taylor began her work at Perkins developing systems that would support hundreds of local partners worldwide.
  • Katie Martell wears a bright red blazer over a leopard print blouse. In the background is a variety of pink roses.

    Katie Martell, Moderator & host

    Katie Martell named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing," is a former CMO, startup marketer, and Executive Director of Boston Content. Katie's forthcoming documentary and book explores the collision of social movements and marketing.