Who wants to be an accessibility champion?

Who wants to be an accessibility champion? Presented by Perkins Access.

Watch the accessibility champions compete!

We’ve brought together accessibility champions from across the digital world to compete in games that bring to life basic accessibility concepts like alt text and captions. Watch the game show to learn why accessibility is important for the 1 billion people worldwide with a disability.

Become an accessibility champion!

Start a conversation at your organization with stakeholders across functional teams about accessibility and the positive impact it can have on your employees and your customers. Perkins Access is here to help you become a more accessible and inclusive organization. Contact us to talk with an expert today.

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  • Chris Brogan lowers his glasses below his eyeline, looks straight ahead and purses his lips.

    Chris Brogan

    Author, Speaker, & Chief of Staff at AppFire.com
  • Alexa Heinrich turns her face at a slight angle and smiles with closed, bright red lips, as her green eyes gaze toward the center.

    Alexa Heinrich

    Digital Accessibility Advocate & Speaker
  • Trish Fontanilla tilts her head at a slight angle and smiles with closed, bright red lips, as her dark brown bangs sweep across her forehead.

    Trish Fontanilla

    CX and Community expert, Co-Founder, BOSFilipinos
Katie Martell wears a bright red blazer over a leopard print blouse. In the background is a variety of pink roses.

Katie Martell, Host

Katie Martell is the host of Experience TV, a live show about the experience economy, and creator of Woke-Washed, a forthcoming documentary and book on the collision of social movements and marketing.

Named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing” and a top marketing voice on LinkedIn 3x, Katie is a former CMO, startup marketer, and Executive Director of Boston Content. Learn more about Katie, the “unapologetic marketing truth-teller.”