Blindspot: Reaching the forgotten digital audience

Katie Martell's headshot with the Perkins Access, America's Test Kitchen and Wunderkind logos.

Online access for all.

Have you ever had a frustrating experience on a website, tool or mobile app? That’s a daily reality for someone with a disability (one in four U.S. adults).

The business community has faced an important reckoning call for greater diversity and inclusion. But, a crucial audience is continually overlooked by these efforts: people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, cognitive and mobility impairments.

This actionable, panel event is moderated by “marketing truth-teller” Katie Martell.

Contact us for special access to watch the on-demand webinar and hear from in-house accessibility expert Taylor Snook, America’s Test Kitchen and Wunderkind, two brands on a journey to improve digital accessibility.

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You’ll hear:

  • Why brands are prioritizing digital accessibility
  • What consumers with disabilities need from digital experiences
  • How America’s Test Kitchen and Wunderkind are taking steps to improve accessibility

Do you believe every consumer matters?

Whether you’re a marketing professional, designer (UX / UD), product manager or business leader, you’ll walk away with the best practices you need to start reaching your entire digital audience, regardless of age, ability or means of access.

  • Rachel Brandt.

    Rachel Brandt, Senior Product Manager, Wunderkind

    Rachel Brandt is a Senior Product Manager at Wunderkind, where she manages the tools ecommerce brands and publishers use to drive traffic and generate revenue. Rachel is passionate about inclusive design, usability, and building a world-class customer experience.
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  • Molly Farrar.

    Molly Farrar, Product Manager, America’s Test Kitchen

    Molly Farrar is a Product Manager at America's Test Kitchen, an independent media company with the mission to help curious cooks become confident cooks. Molly is committed to creating accessible experiences for users and recognizes that ensuring accessibility is an ever-evolving process — much like finding better, easier ways to cook.
    Email Molly
  • Taylor Snook.

    Taylor Snook, Senior Consultant, Perkins Access

    Snook possesses deep expertise in content management systems, user-centered design and various programming languages. She began her work at Perkins developing systems that would support hundreds of local partners worldwide.
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Katie Martell wears a bright red blazer over a leopard print blouse. In the background is a variety of pink roses.

Katie Martell, Moderator and host

Katie Martell is the host of Experience TV, a live show about the experience economy, and creator of Woke-Washed, a forthcoming documentary and book on the collision of social movements and marketing.

Named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing” and a top marketing voice on LinkedIn 3x, Katie is a former CMO, startup marketer, and Executive Director of Boston Content. Learn more about Katie, the “unapologetic marketing truth-teller.”