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Client Stories

Wunderkind: Making eCommerce more accessible

The Client:

Wunderkind is a leading performance marketing engine that delivers one-to-one experiences at an unmatched scale. Digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember who users are, allowing them to deliver high-performing, one-to-one messages on websites, through emails and texts, and in ads.

The Challenge:

Many SaaS vendors have a very narrow view of accessibility, which can create problems for their clients down the line. Wunderkind wanted to be proactive instead of reactive — and they saw an opportunity to lead the way for their clients and the industry, demonstrating how embracing accessibility can reach more customers.

Wunderkind wanted to work with accessibility experts who really understand the digital barriers people with disabilities face. “It’s important to work with real people who understand usability for these audits and recommendations,” said Senior Product Manager, Rachel Brandt.

The Solution:

Wunderkind built an internal team dedicated to accessibility and partnered with Perkins Access to audit their campaign experiences and best practices. Perkins Access provided direct feedback to improve the accessibility of Wunderkind’s components.

The Wunderkind and Perkins Access teams developed a close relationship, working side-by-side to ensure that both Wunderkind and its clients could be confident knowing that, because their offerings prioritize digital accessibility, people of all abilities could access and enjoy their campaign experiences.

The Outcome:

The ongoing partnership between Wunderkind and Perkins Access is helping to make the growing eCommerce industry more accessible to all users, regardless of ability. Wunderkind’s proactive approach in working with Perkins ensures they are delivering digital experiences with best-in-class accessibility for enterprise retailers and leading publishers.

Wunderkind’s Senior Director of Design, Megan Mulone said, “My team knows accessibility isn’t just for the visually impaired — it creates a better web for everyone. With Perkins, we further enhanced our design best practices and our approach to talking with clients about those best practices.”

Wunderkind’s institutional knowledge also expanded. As Director of Client Implementation, Carol Ann Peterson said, “Accessibility is a practice, not a box to check. Wunderkind has embraced a commitment to accessibility across our team. It’s one of those things where once you know about it, you can’t unknow it.”