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Inclusive Design Review

Perfect your designs before a single line of code is written.
We'll help you establish guidelines, avoid mistakes and plan for a successful development process that includes people with disabilities.
inclusive design review

Design with confidence

We’ve learned from experience that designing your website or application for accessibility before it’s coded is a lot easier — and cheaper — than doing it later. Our Inclusive Design Review services help you understand and avoid accessibility barriers in your designs, establish guidelines and plan for a successful development process. So you can feel confident that you’ve created a more inclusive experience for more users. You’ll also save time and money on bug fixes down the line.

We can lead your team through an immersive inclusive design workshop to establish personas, map the user journey and identify barriers and opportunities to consider the widest possible audience.

400 %

better conversion with frictionless, accessible UI

52 %

of people prefer brands that value inclusion

Join these top organizations in bringing accessibility to all.

Wireframes and mockups

We’ll annotate your wireframes with specific recommendations for avoiding accessibility issues.

Brand guidelines and color palettes

We’ll ensure they meet requirements for images, writing style and color.

Design systems and patterns

We’ll help you write “requirements of use” so accessibility considerations are clear.

Some common issues we can help with:

  • The right font size and colors
  • Imagery and iconography usage
  • Optimal CTA and link styles
  • Navigation systems

Client Stories

"As a developer, working with Perkins Access to start from the right spot was a very awesome experience — and a huge advantage. It made the process much smoother and more efficient."
Sienna Svob
Software Engineer, Warren for President

Find out how we can help solve your digital accessibility challenges and goals.

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