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Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.
Make sure that all of your patients, including those with disabilities, can fully engage with your online and mobile tools and services to research and manage the care they need. Perkins Access can help.

Why is digital accessibility so important for healthcare companies?

  • Meet the demand for more convenient care

    Consumers today — including the 25% of people with disabilities — expect to be able to get and manage their care via telehealth, mobile apps, your website and more. We’ll help you recognize and remedy potential obstacles to accessibility and build better experiences for everyone.
  • Understand and engage the patients who need you most

    People with disabilities, including up to 40% of people over 65, have unique healthcare concerns. Accessible digital tools can help them stay more engaged with their care. Through education, role-based training and native user insights, we’ll help your stakeholders understand how to meet the accessibility needs of these patients.
  • Plan for an accessible digital future

    Today’s digital healthcare is just the beginning. We’ll look at your entire digital universe — apps, websites, third party vendors and more — and help you integrate accessibility throughout your processes and procedures, so you’re set up for success as the landscape continues to evolve.
  • Mitigate your legal risk

    Making your online healthcare services accessible to all patients is not only the right thing to do, it’s also vital from a legal standpoint. Our experts will help ensure that you’re meeting WCAG and global accessibility standards and document your commitment and conformance with a VPAT.

What types of accessibility issues do customers with disabilities encounter?

  • Andres is deaf and needs captions for video and audio experiences.

    “I was hoping to meet with my doctor via telehealth, but there wasn’t captioning available, so it wasn’t an option for me.”
  • Joan is blind and needs to provide written information by typing or voice dictation.

    “When I visited my doctor, I was given paper forms to fill out. There was no digital option, so I had to give my answers aloud to a staffer, which didn’t fully protect my privacy.”
  • Casey has a motor disability and can’t navigate screens using a mouse.

    “I was trying to make an appointment on my provider’s website, but the field where I had to select a date from the calendar wasn’t accessible using my keyboard.”

Make healthcare more accessible to everyone who needs it.

It’s a transformational moment for healthcare. Let Perkins Access help you create and implement a plan for accessibility across the whole patient journey, now and in the future, so everyone can easily get the care they need.

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Client Stories

"At every step throughout the Perkins Insights process, we learned something new — from the unique experience of real-world testing with actual users to the thorough, specific roadmap the team presented to guide near-term and long-term improvements."
Mary Lufty
Web and Mobile Digital Specialist, Henry Ford Health System

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