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Higher Education

We fervently believe that everyone has the right to a quality education.
With university life and learning increasingly happening online, digital accessibility is more important than ever. Perkins Access can help.

Why is digital accessibility so important for higher education companies?

  • Plan for institution-wide accessibility

    True accessibility takes thoughtful planning. We’ll help you assess your needs, set priorities and formulate a strategy for making your entire digital ecosystem more accessible, now and in the long term.
  • Set your students up for success

    We’ll help you ensure that more students can access the content they need: websites, online textbooks, multimedia, apps and more. We’ll also help guide your procurement policy to ensure third-party vendors meet your accessibility requirements.
  • Build your own expertise

    Weave accessibility into your culture and processes with education and role-based training for all stakeholders, from administration and department heads to IT. We’ll help you solicit input from users, too.
  • Mitigate your legal risk

    Colleges and universities that don’t prioritize accessibility leave themselves vulnerable to litigation. We can help you document your commitment with a VPAT analyzing your conformance to WCAG and global accessibility standards.

What types of accessibility issues do customers with disabilities encounter?

  • Denise has dyslexia and finds it challenging to digest and comprehend dense texts.

    “This online textbook I have to read is one long paragraph after another with almost no white space in between. It’s going to take me forever.”
  • Supreet is blind and uses a screen reader on her computer and phone.

    “I wanted to check the cafeteria lunch menu on my mobile phone, but it’s an inaccessible PDF so it doesn’t work with my screen reader.”
  • Michael, an alumna in his 70s, has impaired vision and is color blind.

    “I went online to make a gift to my class fund, but the color contrast on the type and buttons was so low I couldn’t tell the different options apart.”

Create an educational experience that’s better for all students

At Perkins, we share your commitment to education. Let our accessibility experts help you create and sustain a more inclusive and engaging digital experience not only for the nearly 20% of college students with disabilities, but for everyone on your campus and beyond.

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Client Stories

"This partnership works because accessibility is about people. If you don’t have the person in mind when you’re working to improve accessibility, it’s going to fail somewhere. It needs to be more than a task — it needs to be a mission."
Justin Tumelaire
Accessibility Manager, Cengage

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