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Inclusive User Research

Take the first step toward designing accessible experiences.
We'll evaluate your UX research process to ensure that the perspective of the widest possible audience is included.

Build accessibility into your UX research

Including people with disabilities in the user research process is the foundation of inclusive design — and the best way to build accessibility in from ideation to development. We’ll evaluate your user research process and help you ensure that the needs of users with disabilities are represented.

The result? You’ll not only be able to appropriately include people with disabilities in your user research, you’ll also be able to garner feedback that will improve the accessibility and usability of your digital experiences.

61 million

adults in the U.S. live with a disability

50 %

of adults over 65 have a disability

Join these top organizations in bringing accessibility to all.

End-to-end process evaluation

Our accessibility experts evaluate your research process and provide guidance on how to include people with disabilities at every step. We review your entire process, from planning to recruiting, writing discussion guides, conducting interviews and analyzing and reporting on the findings.

Real-world user testing

We don’t just provide an expert’s point of view, we also put ourselves in the research participants’ shoes. We’ll test and document the experience of participating in your research as a person with a disability. You’ll learn what worked well and where there’s room for improvement.

Inclusive language training

We’ll provide guidance on avoiding ableist language when creating content for recruitment, moderator’s scripts, surveys, feedback and other research materials. Your team will learn the concept of inclusive writing and walk away with the top considerations and recommendations for writing in an inclusive manner.

How our strategic consultants help:

  • Create inclusive research plans
  • Assess research tools
  • Incorporate user requirements for people with disabilities
  • Paper prototype with assistive technology users
  • Tactics for recruiting people with disabilities
  • Using inclusive language in moderator scripts, screening questionnaires and participant communication
  • Building empathy through reports and readouts

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Client Stories

"As a developer, working with Perkins Access to start from the right spot was a very awesome experience — and a huge advantage. It made the process much smoother and more efficient."
Sienna Svob
Software Engineer, Warren for President

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