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Online shopping is essential, especially for people with disabilities.
If users encounter obstacles when trying to make a purchase on your site, they’ll turn to your competition instead. Let Perkins Access help you deliver an eCommerce experience that’s welcoming and accessible to all of your customers — and strengthen your brand in the process.

Why is digital accessibility so important for eCommerce companies?

  • Get expert insights and guidance

    We’ll help you understand the roadblocks people with disabilities may face when using your site, incorporating testing and insights from actual native users of assistive technology, and then work with your team to build a more inclusive experience.
  • Understand and adhere to the latest standards

    Since the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were launched in 1999, our experts have been involved in guiding the standards. We bring that knowledge to you, to ensure that you’re in conformance now and in the future as the standards change.
  • Weave accessibility into your processes

    Our goal is to help you build your internal expertise and maintain accessibility over the long term, not just provide a quick fix. We’ll educate your in-house designers and developers, facilitate conversations with your outside vendors and agencies, and help you build processes that make accessibility part of your culture.
  • Demonstrate your commitment

    We’re part of Perkins School for the Blind, the renowned worldwide leader in accessibility. When you work with us, we’ll help you craft a statement describing our work together, so your users know that your brand is deeply committed to welcoming people of all abilities.

What types of accessibility issues do customers with disabilities encounter?

  • Desiree has a motor impairment and can’t use a mouse.

    “After I add a product to my cart, there’s no easy way to get over to the ‘check out’ button without using a mouse.”
  • Chuck is colorblind.

    “I’m trying to pick out a color for a clothing item I want to buy, but the color swatches don’t have visible labels, so I can’t tell them apart.”
  • Barbara is deaf.

    “I went to watch the product video for an appliance I was hoping to buy, but there were no captions, so I had no idea what the spokesperson in the video was saying about it.”

Show your customers they’re welcome no matter their abilities

Making your eCommerce experience accessible is not only a legal requirement; it’s essential if you want to reach more customers, build brand loyalty, and create a more flexible and intuitive online experience for all of your users. Let Perkins Access show you the path to lasting accessibility.

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Client Stories

“My team knows accessibility isn’t just for the visually impaired — it creates a better web for everyone. With Perkins, we further enhanced our design best practices and our approach to talking with clients about those best practices.”
Megan Mulone
Senior Director of Design

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