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Accessibility Support

More than a help desk, Perkins Access Program Support makes our team a part of yours.
Real-time collaboration, recommendations and hands-on implementation support from our digital accessibility experts.

Real-time troubleshooting and expertise

When it comes to digital accessibility projects, getting expert help along the way can save significant time, effort and expense. We use Slack to make it easy to communicate with everyone on your team in real time, so we can troubleshoot efficiently and track every recommendation.

61 million

adults in the U.S. live with a disability

40 %

of adults over 65 have a disability

Join these top organizations in bringing accessibility to all.

Expertise on demand

Have a question? Need to troubleshoot a problem or brainstorm an approach? Our team is there for you, accessible via a dedicated Slack channel or your team’s preferred collaboration software.

Remediation and retesting

After a WCAG audit, our team can provide hands-on support and guidance to help your developers remediate accessibility issues, as well as re-test to confirm that solutions have been implemented properly.

Project management

We’ll guide you through your entire accessibility project, including status reports and updates along the way to ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

How our strategic consultants help:

  • Accessibility remediation
  • Immediate user testing
  • Implementation support
  • Gut-checks and reassurance

2 male coworkers and one female coworker working at a table with a sticky note wall behind

Client Stories

“Knowing that the Perkins Access team was available to troubleshoot and support me along the way was invaluable. There were some pieces where straight-up accessibility guidelines wouldn’t have helped. But I was able to reach out to talk through any challenges and get the answers I needed to keep moving quickly. In particular, I know that those conversations helped me make our site easier to use for anyone navigating with a keyboard or using a screen-reader, so it really makes a difference.”
Sienna Svob
Software Engineer, Warren for President

Talk to an expert about your accessibility needs.

We’re excited to partner with you to help your organization reach, engage and serve more people, more fully.
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