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Our Approach

Perkins Access provides you with a path for making your digital experiences accessible.

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Our human-centered approach is all about impact.

Our goal is to help you improve the accessibility of your digital experiences in a meaningful, sustainable way. That means not only keeping your users’ needs front and center, but striving to meet them in ways that mesh with your organization’s unique culture, processes, resources and goals.

We meet you where you are, tailoring our approach to fit your goals.

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    We help you see and understand the barriers for people with disabilities, both generally and throughout your organization's current digital ecosystem.
  • Integration

    We help you build accessibility into your processes and get all stakeholders — from executive management to design and development — on board.
  • Collaboration

    We work shoulder to shoulder with your team as an advisor and guide. Our goal is to help you build your internal accessibility expertise for long-term impact.
  • Evaluation

    Our accessibility experts and one-of-a-kind network of users with disabilities test against industry standards to ensure that your digital products work for everyone.

Why is accessible design so important?

Given that up to 25% of people have one or more disabilities, the business benefits of accessibility are clear. By prioritizing accessible digital design, you’ll demonstrate your commitment, build brand loyalty, reach more customers and reduce legal risk. What’s more, by designing for people with a range of abilities, you’re actually creating richer, more intuitive and adaptable experiences for everyone.

$ 8 trillion

Annual disposable income of people with disabilities along with their friends and family

88 %

People who would buy from a purpose-driven company

Client Testimonial

Aaron Vanderpoel
Principal Software Engineer, Building Engines
"Following our work with Perkins Access, accessibility is embedded into our process. All new features are tested through the lens of accessibility — it's now a part of our 'definition of done.'"

Why is Perkins different?

Perkins Access is part of the world-renowned Perkins School for the Blind, which has been dedicated to expanding accessibility since 1829. We bring that sense of purpose and optimism to everything we do as we help organizations turn their intentions into reality.

Unlike some accessibility consulting firms, we don’t rely on automated tools or promise “one-and-done” solutions. Our approach is consultative and immersive to bring greater value to our clients.

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We believe that live user testing makes a measurable difference.

When you work with Perkins Access, you’ll benefit from our extensive network of native users of assistive technology, thanks to our connection with Perkins School for the Blind. They provide an invaluable window into how people with disabilities experience your website, apps and other digital products — and how to make them better.

View Our Services

  • Experience

    Guidance from consultants with an average of 20 years of experience

  • Partnership

    A strategic partner that collaborates with your teams from the start for greater cost efficiency

  • Assistance You Need

    Help ramping projects up quickly while at the same time building in sustainable processes

Talk to an expert about your accessibility needs.

We’re excited to partner with you to help your organization reach, engage and serve more people, more fully.
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