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WCAG Accessibility Audit

Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Only in-depth knowledge, user testing and customized solutions can get your website and applications to true digital accessibility.

Real answers from real users.

Automated accessibility audit tools abound, but they can only help you identify some of your accessibility problems. They can’t give you a full picture of your compliance or help you remediate issues.


98 %

of home pages had detectable WCAG failures

61 errors

on average per home page

Join these top organizations in bringing accessibility to all.

What do you get with our WCAG Audit?

A thorough evaluation of your digital experience

At Perkins Access, our accessibility consultants will thoroughly evaluate your digital experience to determine if it meets WCAG standards. We test using assistive technologies, inspect the code and guide you through 50 success criteria, either via our client portal or your own bug-tracking tool.

Hands-on guidance to help you move forward

The WCAG audit is just the beginning. We provide a clear, concise and consistent description of each barrier, plus an explanation of why it’s a barrier and who it’s likely to affect.

We’ll work with you to evaluate the most critical content areas (such as templates, components, navigation, header/footer, menus, etc.) and functionality based on your user goals.

Around the clock access to our solutions library

We support your team’s implementation of our WCAG audit with 24/7 access to the Perkins Access Solutions Library. You’ll find code samples, specific techniques and the latest best practices created by our experts, based on their extensive experience.

Some common WCAG issues we can help with:

  • Coding for accessibility
  • Color contrast recommendations
  • IA/UX best practices
  • Interactive behaviors that add to accessibility
  • Content guidelines for writers

Client Stories

"We're in a much better situation than we were a year ago. We're still coming back to Perkins for regular check-ins, but there are a lot fewer issues popping up. Perkins Access has changed the way we work."
Rick Kellstrom
Sr. UX UI Designer, FirstFuel

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