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Financial Services

Today’s consumers expect to be able to do their banking, investing and financial planning online.
Perkins Access can help you create digital experiences that everyone can use, regardless of their abilities.

Why is digital accessibility so important for financial service companies?

  • Reach and retain more customers

    82% of bank customers mention their financial institution’s online and mobile platforms as a major reason they haven’t switched banks. Given that up to 25% of people have a disability, including a growing number of people over 65, making your digital products and services accessible is a business imperative.
  • Plan and strategize for enterprise-wide accessibility

    Implementing accessibility across your entire digital ecosystem — website, VRU, chatbots, mobile apps and more — can seem overwhelming. We’ll help you break it down, get everyone on the same page and build a roadmap for success.
  • Incorporate accessibility into your processes

    Digital accessibility isn’t a one-time fix. Our experts take the time to understand how you work and partner with your IT team to build accessible design into your development cycle.
  • Mitigate your legal risk

    Financial institutions that don’t ensure their online and mobile services are accessible leave themselves open to lawsuits. We can help you document your commitment with a VPAT that analyzes and certifies your conformance to WCAG and global accessibility standards.

What types of accessibility issues do customers with disabilities encounter?

  • Howard is colorblind and, like 99% of people who are colorblind, has difficulty seeing reds and greens.

    “When I look at my portfolio performance on the website, the losses are shown in red and the gains in green, but I can’t tell the difference between the two.”
  • Maria is blind, and uses a screen reader to view her computer and mobile phone.

    “My credit card company was apparently putting fraud alert pop-up windows on their website, but I never saw them because my screen reader didn’t register them.”
  • Zack has a cognitive disability and wants to open his first bank account.

    “I thought I would be able to open an account online, but the form is really long and there’s tons of bank jargon. Then when I took too long, it timed out and I had to start over again.”

Create a better banking and investing experience for all of your customers.

More accessible and intuitive websites, apps and other digital media don’t only benefit your customers with disabilities, they benefit everyone. Let Perkins Access help you give more people the opportunity to engage fully and actively with your institution.

Provide Better Banking

Client Stories

"If you value the user experience for everyone, Perkins Access is the partner for you. They’ve exceeded all of our expectations, and it just feels like, together, we’re doing good work here. We wanted to work with an accessibility partner who was philosophically aligned with us. We found exactly what we were looking for in our partnership with Perkins Access."
Michael J. Beauchamp
UX & Research Service Owner, Amica Mutual Insurance Company

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